My first blog post

An Tran • January 12, 2019


So it starts. My first blog post is here.

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I have always wanted to write a blog but procrastination prevented me to start it.

I set a goal for me this year that I would write a blog post every 2 weeks for summarize my learning during the last 2 weeks. The goal is ambitious. But goal is set to be reached. So I'll try my best to reach that goal. So today is the 12. Jan 2019, I'm still on schedule to archive my goal for the first 2 weeks of the year 2019.

A little bit about how I started this blog technically. My website has been being hosted on DigitalOcean for some years. But I have had almost no time to update it. I set up Let's Encrypt to serve my website via https from the begining. So in the last 2 days, I have updated the server to a newer version of Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) and also migrate Let's Encrypt certifiates to the new server. This blog is generated by Jigsaw, a great static site generator based on Laravel.

It's enough for the first post of the years. Hopefully there will be more posts to come as I get along with my writing goal :D