Day 1 - Changing my habits

An Tran • October 28, 2019

ios swiftui 100-days-of-swiftui

Today, 28th October 2019, I've decided to start a new project that hopefully have some positive impacts to my life.

I've tried to find different way to build up some positive habits and give up some negative habits. But because of different factors, I've failed completely until now. One thing that I have tried is using different iOS apps to manage my habits/goals. Some of them are too complex, some others are to simple and all of them don't sastify my needs somehow.

Since I'm quite busy with my daily job, I can't find time to catch up with SwiftUI & Combine frameworks which was introduced with a Bang in WWDC 2019.

"Combining" these two events together, I've decided to invest my free time in next 100 days to build a SwiftUI app to track my habits with the feature sets that I've always wanted from a habit tracker app.

I intended to name the new app "Awesome Weeks".

These are the features that I want to have in the MVP version of the "Awesome Weeks" app:

* Built with SwiftUI, using Core Data to persist data, use CloudKit to sync data to the cloud.
* Tracking two types of habits: building / quitting.
* Focus on weekly plan, not daily.
* Basic reminders.

My goal is to have the app ready in the new year 2020 so that I can archive my "awesome 2020" goal.

During the development, I'll try to share some of my experiences working with those new technologies like SwiftUI / Combine, as well as the product development process and the idea iteration when the app evolves.

So, let's start today as Day 1!