Day 2 - SwiftUIMindblowing, a community-driven sample project to learn SwiftUI from basic to advance

An Tran • November 1, 2019

ios swiftui 100-days-of-swiftui

In the last 4 days, I have been busy updating my sample project SwiftUIMindBlowing to refresh my knowledge about SwiftUI.

I have played with SwiftUI immediately after the WWDC 2019, and was very impressed with the fact that we can now have the benifit of both building user interfaces from visual tool and code.

But since the technology is so new, the Apple's documentation was not at that time, and I see so many community members sharing a lot of tips & tricks and sample projects.

As a big fan of visual learning and learning-by-doing method, I've created a sample project to share my learning progress by implmenting and aggregating basic & advanced SwiftUI written by me and community.

The app is intended to be community-driven and open-sourced, so that everyone, who is learning SwiftUI, could have learn about SwiftUI from the collection of provided snippets.

So if you want to join me to share your knowledge with the community, don't hesitate to make pull request to improve the app. You feedbacks and ideas for the app are also warmly welcome.

The source code is available here :